About Me

Hi, I'm Ruth! Born and raised in Donegal I am currently based in Tipperary. I am a registered and Insured Sports Physical Therapist, having completed my studies in the Institute of Physical Therapy and Applied Science.

After finishing school, I travelled while pursuing my love of horse riding. During that time, I completed coaching qualifications and became interested in how the human body works. I was also lucky enough to work closely with Olympic athletes, and I got a good insight into the world of a professional sportsperson.  I wanted to find out more about how I could improve and help the athlete, and how I could help people enjoy their sport, or life without pain! Having suffered my fair share of injuries from a life around horses, I had an understanding of the ups and downs of injury rehabilitation. I wanted to help others through the process of recovery. 

I'm available for home call-outs, corporate packages, sporting events and others. Also available for events further afield. Get in touch by pressing the button below.